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Just published:Gender & Heritage Routledge anthology

27 April 2018

Gender & Heritage Routledge anthology ucl.ac.uk/drupal/site_critical-heritage-studies/sites/critical-heritage-studies/files/Gender_and_heritage_Routledge_0.jpg" title="Gender & Heritage Routledge anthology" target="_self">
Gender & Heritage Routledge anthology

One chapter, by Astrid von Rosen, CCHS/Archive cluster and CCHS visiting researchers (Sand & Meskimmon) was conceived in Canberra at the ACHS conference, and draws on the Dance as Critical Heritage theme by the Archives cluster, in collaboration with the Academy Valand and Linda Sternö. See von Rosen, Astrid; Sand, Monica, Meskimmon, Marsha, "Transversal Dances across Time and Space: Feminist Strategies for a Critical Heritage Studies", Gender and Heritage: Performance, Place and Politics: Key Issues in Cultural Heritage, edited by Wera Grahn and Ross Wilson, Routledge 2018. https://www.routledge.com/Gender-and-Heritage-Performance-Place-and-Politics/Grahn-Wilson/p/book/9781138208148