Centre for Critical Heritage Studies


Berlin Wall (Photo credit: Rodney Harrison)



The Centre for Critical Heritage Studies (CCHS) is a collaborative international, interdisciplinary research centre, jointly run between the University of Gothenburg and UCL. Funding for the Centre was awarded for six years from April 2016 by the University of Gothenburg (UGOT) Centers for Global Societal Challenges call for research centre funding.

The UCL Centre for Critical Heritage Studies, which explores the overarching theme of 'heritage as global challenge', acts as a focal point for critical heritage studies research. Its remit is to respond to the challenges posed by heritagization processes and globalization, including the hegemony of 'North Atlantic universals' in heritage policy and practice. 

Besides the research clusters, a series of workshops and keynote lectures will be organised during each academic year to illustrate the range of interests in the field of critical heritage studies. In addition, an annual lecture will be organized to provide an opportunity for the Centre to host an event to celebrate its role in UCL.