Centre for Critical Heritage Studies


David Bowie mural/memorial shrine, Brixton (Photo credit: Rodney Harrison)


Making global heritage futures

The Making Global Heritage Futures (MGHF) cluster has a critical and interdisciplinary focus on how heritage - as elaborations of artifacts, practices or ideas of the past -constitutes a part of, and is used in, ongoing political, economic, social and cultural processes traversing local, national and global scales.

Issues and questions

Relating heritage to these processes brings a number of issues and questions into focus, for instance; the ways in which heritage is interpreted and practiced within the politics of memory production and identity politics; how heritage is appropriated and exploited in terms of rights, property and ownership; the ways heritage is used in connection to the commodification and consumption of the past; and how heritage is being globalized as an assemblage of institutions, expert positions, knowledge and discourses.

Activities and projects

The cluster will coordinate and support critical and interdisciplinary research activities and projects, with a cross-boundary character, that are situated within the overall field of the cluster's theme. At UCL, it hosts a number of large, international, collaborative projects, including Heritage Futures and Restricted Access Pilot Project: Interdisciplinary perspectives on clean energy production and landscape conservation in North Patagonia.