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How to submit your files

Our web to print service allows students to upload their course and exhibition work for printing, this system also allows you to pay for your printing as you order. The process for uploading and paying for your printing is now greatly simplified.

 When you have all your files ready to print use the link below to access the web-to-print service, upload, order and pay for your prints. When you have clicked on the link below you will access the portal using the UCL Single Sign On process. Only Bartlett Students and Bartlett members of staff can access the system and this is to be used only for educational submissions. Any print requests that are clearly not part of your course work will be rejected. Please note this is due to UK taxation regulations, not UCL policy.

Coming soon... Bartlett Web-to-Print service

The Bartlett Print Web-to-Print process

Screen shot of the Skyline Web-to-Print Home page for Bartlett Print

The home page consist of a series of links which allow you to:

  • Upload and Personal Payment - Order and Pay
  • My Orders - See your previous orders
  • Collection Point - Find our Location
  • Collections Times - Information regarding collection or discussing your work in person

Across the top of the page in the blue bar are a series of links which allow to to navigate the system.

  • Home - This returns you back to the home page
  • Upload - The link is the first stage where you upload your file
  • Paper Originals - ???
  • Libraries - You can search for files that you have previously uploaded here
  • Orders - Here you will find information about your current and past orders.
  • Help -  This links to the Educational Media - Bartlett Print help and information pages

Uploading your file

To place an order, please click on Upload or Upload and Personal Payment, this takes you to the first part of the process

This is a screenshot of the Upload page showing a simple select box
Click on the Select button to choose the file that you wish to submit for printing.

Screenshot highlighting the Select button
The Supported File Formats text links to a pop out box listing the file types the system will allow.

Screenshot of the pop out box showing the different file formats that can be uploaded
  • Click on the X box in the corner of the pop out box to remove this view.
    • Please note that we are aware that Microsoft Publisher .pub files rarely print as seen on screen.
    • Where you have included text in you file, we cannot guarantee the print output from files which contain unusual fonts, alway export these to a .PDF formatted file.
  • Once you have chosen your file, the details will appear under the Select button, if you have chosen the incorrect file to upload, you can click on the Remove text to delete it from the process.

Screenshot of single file upload
  • ​​​​​​If you have multiple print requests then add your additional files by clicking on Select again. 

Screenshot of the upload box with multiple files
  • ​​​​​​Now click on Proceed to move to the next stage. you will see that the file is being processed.
    • After you have clicked on Proceed the window changes to allow you to start the Order process.

Note: you are now in the Libraries section and over time this will include all your uploaded files, so, if you have more than one file in your Library, please click the tick box on the file you wish to print.

Screenshot image showing the the order button you need to click on to request printing
  • You are now ready to order your print, please click on the Order button to move to the next stage.

Choosing Paper types and size

  • At this point you can now choose your Paper type and Print size.

Screenshot of the different paper sizes and types available
  • Select your preferred paper type and pick the size for your print then click on the Proceed button which is on the right hand side of the list.
    • For information about the types of paper offered through the Bartlett Print Service please see details here. <ADD LINK TO PAPER TYPE WEBPAGE>

Adding Notes and choosing Quantity

  • The next step is where you choose the quantity of prints required, but also to share any additional information with the production team.

Screenshot of application page showing quantity and notes
  • Please ensure the accuracy of your chosen paper size and paper type.
  • Write down any additional notes or special requirements in the provided box.
  • Type in the Quantity required.
  • Click Next to continue the process

Review your order

Screenshot of items in the basket for review
  • Now review your order to ensure everything is in correct.
  • Click on the Edit option if you need to change anything.
  • If you are confident that you order is correct, Click Next.

Your details

In this section you add your details in the relevant fields, this lets us know which print job is yours, but this also links to further processes such as notifing you that we have received your order.

  • Please note that at present you must collect your print from our office based on Huntley Street, you access this at street level via a door at the rear of the Cruciform.
  • We try to complete most printing for this service on the same day, but our guaranteed delivery time is 24 hours. Please complete the collection date especially if you are requesting on a Friday as we do not open over any weekend.
  • Delivery Method is always I'll collect it, however our plan is to offer delivery to UCL's Stratford campuses, but the logistics for this are still being finalised.

Screenshot of page where you add your personal details and chosen delivery method

  • Everything in Red* must be completed, these mandatory fields prove you are a Bartlett student.

    Almost there - Pay Now

    Screenshot showing the Pay button

  • Now to the bit which everyone dislikes and that is payment.
    • Our service links to an external payment system managed by the UCL Finance team.
    • Please be assured that UCL follows the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS), this is the most secure method and our print system does not store any of your banking details.
    • Once you are happy that you have completed your order request click on the Pay now button, this takes you to the Payment Gateway.

Payment Gateway

Screenshot of Payment page showing the fields that require completion
  • Fill out the details for the card you are using to pay. You are required to fill in your postcode and house or flat number, this should be the address that you banking details are registered.
    • You can add these details manually if that's a better solution for you, just use the link below the Find Address button.

Enter Payment Details

Screenshot of payment page which shows fields that need filling in with debit or credit card details
  • Insert your card details and depeneding upon the type of card used all fields on this page must be completed for the transaction to pass.
    • At UCL when completing this page ensure you are not being overlooked by others who could potentially use this information.