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Academic & Research Posters

The UCL Print and Poster service is provided by the UCL Educational Media team, part of the Digital Education team in ISD. We are located In the Cruciform Building, and you can visit our office there via the entrance on Huntley Street. We offer a full range of printing services and happily offer advice on your poster production project.

Academic posters are a method of communicating your academic research, reviews and projects in a clrear and condensed visual form, they generally combine elements of text, images, diagrams, and graphs to convey your ideas and research outcomes effectively. The poster is normally composed of a short title, an introduction to your research / project, an overview of the approach you took and graphical elements displaying the outcomes of the work undertaken. Of course, there is also the opportunity to give acknowledgement to those who supported and mentored you in the 

At UCL, posters have traditionally been used in our medical disciplines, but across UCL we are now seeing poster designs becoming increasingly common within other faculties, such as Enginieering, Mathematical & Physical Sciences, Arts and Humanities and Social & Historical Sciences. Academic posters are usually created for presention at conferences and exhibitions however we are now seeing examples of poster production on our undergraduate courses, as part of the assessment  process .

If you’ve been asked to produce an academic poster and have never created one before, it can be difficult to know where to begin. The information here will assist you with some of the basic principles of academic posters, where you can find templates, how to follow the UCL Brand guideilnes and the costs involved.