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Terms of Service for IOE Media Equipment Loans

The following information explains the terms and conditions of using this service. You will need to agree to read and agree to the terms stated before booking any IOE media loan equipment.

Terms and conditions of use


University staff and students may borrow media equipment and accessories on a loan basis subject to the terms and conditions set out below.

Audio-visual, video, and photographic equipment is expensive and currently in demand. In order to effectively and efficiently manage the loan of equipment and to ensure that all users have an equal opportunity to access the equipment they need, the University requires that users must agree to comply with these terms and conditions if they want to borrow such equipment.

Equipment checking

If you are unclear about the operation of the item you are borrowing, please ask the loan counter staff for assistance, or contact the team via email.

  • All loan Items are visually checked on return and if any items are missing, including bags, they will not be discharged from your account until returned or replaced.
  • Please make sure that the equipment is suitable for your project, particularly if this item is a kit containing several components (e.g. leads, adaptors), which may affect your purpose. If you are in any doubt about the operation or completeness of the item speak to the Media loan counter staff immediately.


Late return fines for one week loan period items are charged at £1 per day, while items issued on a 1 day loan period are subject to a £10 fine. Fine amounts are calculated from the original due date, late renewal will incur a fine. Fines can only be paid once the item is returned.

Payment by staff can be made via IDT (Internal Departmental Transfer), while students should pay fines by visiting the online UCL IOE shop:

If this is not possible, the fine will remain on your record until paid.

You are responsible for all fines incurred on your account. Your library account is at risk of being automatically blocked if the fines owed reach £15.


Items of equipment issued on a one week loan are eligible for one renewal. Items issued for a 1 day loan period cannot be renewed. It is important that you organise your use of equipment to fit within the standard loan period. After one renewal equipment must be returned.

Under the UCL Health and Safety Policy, a condition of loan is that no repairs, including replacement of plugs, fuses or bulbs, are carried out by you or on your behalf. If there is any problem please return the equipment to Educational Media immediately, with a description of the fault.

Long overdue, lost or damaged equipment

If an item has been overdue for six weeks, or has been lost or stolen, an invoice for the replacement cost will be sent to the borrower. If the item is then returned, the invoice will be cancelled and the appropriate fines will be due. You will also be invoiced for items returned damaged. Our minimum replacement fee is £35.00 per item.
Please report lost, stolen or damaged equipment to the Media loan counter staff promptly via email.

You are responsible for any item of equipment issued to you; do not pass it on to anyone else. All loss or damage, however caused, will be charged to the user on whose account the item is issued.