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IOE Audio Equipment Loans

UCL Educational Media has a small number of audio input or recording devices and accessories that can be loaned on a short-term basis to IOE staff and students.

The audio recording equipment includes microphones and audio recorders along with the required accessories such as stands, microphone mufflers, and booms for recording at a Covid safe distance.

The following is a list of audio and recording equipment available. 

Please note: We only have a few Lavalier Microphones and voice recorders so availablity is limited. Shotgun microphones, windshields, stands and Boom Poles are available for use with our loan cameras.


Audio Equipment

ModelLoan Type
Sennheiser MKE 400 Mount/Mini Jack MicStaff / Students
Beachtek DXA-HDV XLR AdaptorStaff / Students
Beachtek DXA-SLR Ultra XLR AdaptorStaff / Students
Sony ICD PX-370 MP3 DictaphoneStaff / Students
Sony ICD PX333 MP3 DictaphoneStaff / Students
Sony ICD-PX312 MP3 DictaphoneStaff / Students
Edirol R-09 RecorderStaff / Students
Zoom H2 RecorderStaff / Students
Zoom H4n Pro Recorder**Staff only
Zoom H1n RecorderStaff / Students
Philips MD150 handheld mono jack micStaff / Students
Rode NT2-A multi-pattern condenser micStaff / Students
Shure SM58 cardioid dynamic handheld mic XLRStaff / Students
Rode SmartLav+ Smartphone MicStaff / Students
Rode i-XY Smartphone Stereo MIc (Lightning devices)Staff / Students
Sennheiser Memory Mic (Bluetooth) for smartphoneStaff / Students
Zoom Am7 Smartphone Mic (USB-C Android devices)Staff / Students
Table mic standStaff / Students
Sony ECM-MS907 (stereo mic)Staff / Students
Rode NTG2 condenser shotgun micStaff / Students
Shure SM11 wired XLR lav micStaff / Students
Sony ECM-674 Condenser Shotgun MicStaff / Students
Rode NTG2 condenser shotgun micStaff / Students
Rode VideoMic Pro condenser shotgun micStaff / Students
3.5mm stereo jackStaff / Students
Sony ECM-674 condenser shotgun micStaff / Students
MiniDisc RecorderStaff / Students
Audio Cassette RecorderStaff / Students
InterM PS-30 Portable PAStaff / Students
Mipro MA-202B Portable PA (Handheld)**Staff only
Mipro MA-202B Portable PA (Tie Clip)**Staff only
Mipro MA-708 Portable PA System**Staff only
Canyon HeadphonesStaff / Students
JVC HA-L50-W HeadphonesStaff / Students
Focusrite Scarlett 2i2Staff / Students
Alesis Multimix 8 USBFX Audio Mixer Deck (USB)**Staff only
Sennheiser Freeport Radio Mic KitStaff / Students
CatchBox throwable wireless mic (including RF mic)**Staff only
CatchBox Pro throwable wireless mic (RF mic not included) *Staff only
Rode Wireless Go Kit 2.4GHz transmissionStaff / Students
Sennheiser EW100 G3 Radio Mic Kit**Staff only - Chargeable
Sennheiser EW100 G2 Radio Mic Kit**Staff only - Chargeable
Zoom F1-LP Field Recorder*Staff only