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19541Homage to CrabtreeProfessor James Sutherland
19552Towards a Crabtree bibliographyProfessor Arthur Brown
19563The iconography of CrabtreeProfessor Terence Spencer
19574Crabtree and scienceProfessor R. V. Jones
19585Crabtree's periodical publication and its lesson for usMr John Crow
19596The family CrabtreeProfessor Hugh Smith
19607Crabtree in France 1791-1800Dr Leonard Tancock
19618Crabtree and the sage of PittenweemProfessor William Armstrong
19629Crabtree marginaliaDr Macdonald Emslie
196310Crabtree's chemical and colonial ConnectionsProfessor R. S. Nyholm
196411Joseph Crabtree, Jeremy Bentham and London UniversityMr Joseph Scott
196512Joseph Crabtree and materia medicaDr Andrew Tay
196613Crabtree and the statueProfessor David Wilson
196714Joseph Crabtree and his publishersMr Bryan Bennett
196815Joseph Crabtree and the NorthProfessor Peter Foote
196916Crabtree and the lawProfessor J. A. C. Thomas
197017The quest for CrabtreeMr Charles Peake
197118Crabtree and the EastProfessor Prakash Datta
197219Crabtree's medical milieuDr Edwin Clarke
197320Crabtree the onomastProfessor John Dodgson
197421Crabtree and French lettersDr Gordon Hall
197522Crabtree comes of age: Crabtree and country mattersMr Richard Freeman
197623Crabtree and the seaProfessor F. J. J. Cadwallader
197724Crabtree: the creative criminologistJudge Bernard Hargrove QC
197825The cleansing of CrabtreeMr Arthur Tattersall
197926Joseph Crabtree: the old lady of Threadneedle StreetMr Nigel Bromage
198027Crabtree the engineer  Professor Peter Rowe
198128Crabtree and Germany: chameleon meets chameleonMr W H A Larrett
198229Joseph Crabtree and "Bert" DawsonProfessor Michael Screech
198330Joseph Crabtree and the Polish connectionDr Frank Carter
198431The secret life of Joseph CrabtreeMr Fred Gee
198532Joseph Crabtree and the Caliph of FonthillProfessor Bartolomeu dos Santos
198633Crabtree's theoremProfessor Sir James Lighthill
198734Joseph Crabtree and the Keltic twilightMr Frank Delaney
198835Crabtree and political arithmetickMr Negley Harte
198936Crabtree and the death in ViennaProfessor John Foreman
199037Crabtree's cudgelProfessor James Graham-Campbell
199138Crabtree and nature philosophyDr Roderick Fisher
199239Crabtree's vision: ambivalence, angst, apocalypseProfessor Peter Armour
199340Crabtree's measuresProfessor John Mullin
199441In the steps of CrabtreeDr Tony Smith
199542Crabtree facing both waysMr Michael Freeman
199643Joseph Crabtree: the twilight yearsProfessor Peter McMullen
199744"Brother Crabtree"Professor David Latchman
199845Crabtree and the oral traditionMr Martin Butcher
199946Crabtree: the first of the spin doctorsLord McNally
200047Crabtree and the court of the PopesProfessor Michael Crawford
200148Crabtree and the hinge of fateDr Nigel Mason
200249Crabtree and the Congress of ViennaProfessor Karl Sinnhuber
200350Crabtree, the godson and the leading ladyDr Diana Manuel
200451Crabtree and the bardic heritageDr Toni Griffiths
200552Brewing and "The Crabtree Effect"Dr Iain Mowbray
200653The revenge of Joseph CrabtreeProfessor Kathleen Burk
200754Historiologica JosephianorumProfessor Edgar Anderson
200855A Crabtree étudeProfessor David Bogle
200956Joseph Crabtree: his club and his CollegeDr Rosemary Stevenson
201057 Crabtree and his Diva Professor John North
201158Crabtree's change of tack or scraps from beneath high tableDr Michael Johnson
201259Crabtree's Railway Adventure Brings Truly Remarkable Engineering EndeavoursProfessor Nick Tyler
 2013 60The portrait, the Pearl River and Crabtree's redemption Professor John Aiken
 2014 61Gloria in absentia: images of Crabtree in South America Professor Nicola Miller
 2015 62The odyssey of Crabtree the peacemaker: papaver somniferum and Aïda Professor David Saggerson
 2016 63"Midas, transmuting all, into . . . paper":How Crabtree won the Napoleonic Wars Professor Jagjit Chadha 
 2017 64Crabtree's Albanian dimension Mr Alexander Duma
 2018 65Crabtree: Evidence From The Autopsy Professor John Martin
 2019 66Crabtree and the Noble Cause Sir Paul Mahoney
 2020 67Shelley, Crabtree, Byron - and Lerici Mrs Therese Bennett
 2022 68

Crabtree’s Great Truth; and the Impact of Chance Encounters

 Mr David Hogan-Hern
202369What’s in a name?  Joseph Crabtree: The Apple, the tree, and the crabThe Rt Revd. Dr Keith Riglin
202470TBCAmbassador Georgina Butler