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How we work with you to create custom programmes (transcript)

We offer an end-to-end service, from establishing your precise needs through to programme evaluation. Transcription of our 'How we work with you to create custom programmes' flowchart.

1. Discovering

We work with you to clarify the precise nature of your challenge, and agree the balance and the emphasis of the outcomes sought.

2. Curating

We find the right UCL experts who can help with your problem, and work with them to develop an initial proposal.

3. Designing

With you, we co-design all aspects of the intervention, content, format, material and metrics.

4. Contracting

Our contracting team provides rigour and assurance for the project.

5. Delivering

Our experts deliver the programme, plus any material, in line with the agreed plan

6. Managing

Our project management team can manage core delivery services on your behalf. This may include event management of bespoke short courses.

7. Reviewing

We can conduct an evaluation and report on programme effectiveness, value and impact.

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