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TC BioPharm Appoint Prof John Anderson as Scientific and Medical Director

29 March 2019

Gamma Delta CAR-T pioneer will accelerate clinical translation of pipeline.

Professor John Anderson - UCL

TC BioPharm (TCB), leaders in the development of tumor-targeting gamma delta T (GDT) cells, today announced that Professor John Anderson has been appointed as Scientific and Medical Director. He joins as the company executes clinical translation of the first candidates from a development pipeline of genetically modified “off the shelf” CAR-T products. As a distinguished clinical investigator and academic researcher, John’s breadth of expertise and experience will strengthen the leadership team and contribute to the company mission of improving patient health and quality of life. 

Professor Anderson leads research into novel immunotherapies with a focus on childhood solid cancers at the UCL Great Ormond Street Institute of Child Health, where he is Professor of Experimental Paediatric Oncology. He is also the Chief Investigator of a Cancer Research UK sponsored trial of anti-GD2 CAR-T cells for neuroblastoma patients.

At TCB, Professor Anderson joins a growing clinical biopharmaceutical company with a focus on the development of transformational CAR-T cell products with the capacity to dramatically improve the clinical, logistic and cost burden of the first CAR-T products on the market. The company operates an integrated model, building all critical capabilities in-house, and Prof Anderson’s arrival marks a significant addition to scientific and clinical capabilities.  

The formal appointment is facilitated by UCL Consultants, and builds upon the collaboration initiated in 2017 when TCB exclusively licensed next-generation CAR-T technology from the UCL research group, to consolidate the company’s IP protection around the costimulatory GDT CAR-T platform, and is recognition of the highly successful partnership which has resulted. 

Professor John Anderson, commented:TCB have a unique portfolio of preclinical capabilities related to gamma delta CAR-T cells, which are now ripe for translation into the clinic. Importantly, the ability of gamma delta CAR T cells to avoid toxicity, including graft versus host disease, is a possible advantage over the conventional CAR-T cell approach. Specifically these cells could be developed into off the shelf products, greatly increasing availability for patients. In the coming years it will be exciting to contribute to their evaluation in clinical trials.”.

TCB’s Chief Operating Officer, Angela Scott, said: Over the past two years our work with Professor Anderson and colleagues has been a true collaborative effort and his track-record of innovation at the cutting-edge of immuno-oncology coupled with his daily experience of treating patients with experimental medicines, brings invaluable input to the day-to-day development of our allogeneic CAR-T products. With his help we will accelerate towards our goal of improving patient health and quality of life.”.

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