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UCL Consultants enable the creation of new top-level web domains

UCL Consultants brokered partnership between UCL and Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) to open up new ways of using the Internet


1 February 2016

With the internet continuing to grow at breathtaking speed, the world-wide demand for new ways of using this incredible resource shows no sign of abating. Which is why UCL Consultants worked with ICANN to provide the expertise to enable the creation of new top level domain names using Latin and non-Latin scripts. 

UCL Consultants excels at bringing together our experts with those who are seeking to access the fund of excellence that is the academic body at UCL and the partnership with ICANN - the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, which coordinates the Internet's addressing system - is a perfect example of this remit in action.  This recent initiative will open up an entirely new way of using the Internet around the world.

New addresses in ancient languages

UCL worked with ICANN to evaluate applications for new generic top level domain addresses. As part of the new generic top level domain program there will be new addresses in non-Latin scripts such as Arabic, Chinese, Hindi, Japanese and Russian.

The contract was won against stiff competition from a number of high-profile organisations, including professional services firms. 

ICANN selected UCL Consultants as they were using Dr Chris Dillon's (UCL and ICANN Project Leader and Research Associate in Linguistic Computing, UCL Arts & Humanities) rare combination of non-Latin script linguistic and computer skills.

UCL Consultants fit and involvement was further boosted because of its ability to provide specialist expertise, to offer access to a range of departments and its experience in putting together well-organised mechanisms for inter-disciplinary work.

From inception at bid stage, through to sourcing of key personnel, project management and completion, the UCL Consultants' team handled every aspect of the proposal and project win.

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