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Project team

Alan Renwick headshot
Professor Alan Renwick 

Alan Renwick is the Principal Investigator of the Democracy in the UK after Brexit project. He is Deputy Director of the Constitution Unit and Professor in Democratic Politics at University College London (UCL). His research interests include the ways in which citizens can engage with formal democratic politics and policy-making, particularly elections, referendums, and citizens’ assemblies. He also led the Citizens’ Assembly on Brexit, which was held in 2017.  

Meg Russell headshot
Professor Meg Russell 

Meg Russell is a Co-Investigator on this project. She is Director of the Constitution Unit and Professor of British and Comparative Politics at UCL. Her main research interest is the British parliament, particularly the House of Lords, though she has also written on political party organisation, devolution, and women’s representation in politics. She was a Co-Investigator on the Citizens’ Assembly on Brexit.  

Ben Lauderdale headshot
Professor Ben Lauderdale 

Ben Lauderdale is a Co-Investigator on this project. He is Professor of Political Science at UCL and is a Senior Data Science Advisor to YouGov. His research interests lie in measuring political preferences, using survey, voting, network and text data. 

James Cleaver headshot
James Cleaver 

James Cleaver is the project’s Research Assistant. He originally joined the Constitution Unit as a Research Volunteer in January 2021. His research interests include the ways in which citizens can influence politics outside of elections, deliberative democracy and political theory.  

Charlotte Kincaid headshot
Charlotte Kincaid 

Charlotte Kincaid is the Constitution Unit’s Impact Research Fellow, with responsibility for maximising this project’s real-world impact on policy-making and civil society. She has interests in communications and public engagement.  

Tim Hughes headshot
Tim Hughes 

Tim Hughes was the Design and Facilitation Lead for the Citizens’ Assembly on Democracy in the UK from June to September 2021. He was Director of Involve, the UK’s leading public participation charity. He is the co-editor of the recent work Democracy in a Pandemic: Participation in Response to Crisis.  

Rebekah McCabe
Rebekah McCabe 

Rebekah McCabe is the Project Manager for the Citizens’ Assembly on Democracy in the UK. She is Engagement Lead at Involve. Her interests lie in developing the awareness, understanding, and use of participatory and deliberative tools across government and civil society. 

Kaela Scott headshot
Kaela Scott 

Kaela Scott is the Design and Facilitation Lead for the Citizens' Assembly on Democracy in the UK. She is Director of Innovation and Practice at Involve, a role focused on encouraging the widespread uptake of participatory and deliberative democracy. Her interests lie in overcoming the challenge of translating the desire to involve citizens in the decisions that affect them into processes that are meaningful and effective for communities, public sector bodies and political administrations alike.