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The UK and Europe


Much of the Constitution Unit's recent work concerns the relationship between the UK and Europe. We conducted our own citizens' assembly on Brexit in 2017 in collaboration with Involve and considered the mechanics of a further referendum in reports published in 2018 and 2019. Unit research on this matter has been cited in multiple news stories and opinion pieces, with a particular focus on how the Brexit process played out in parliament at the time.


Brexit, Parliament and the Constitution

Brexit, Parliament and the Constitution

Meg Russell's 3-year Fellowship through the ESRC-funded UK in a Changing Europe programme, including commentary and events on key topics and a programme of detailed research on Brexit and parliament.

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Citizens' Assembly on Brexit 

The Constitution Unit lead a team that hosted the Citizens' Assembly on Brexit, held in September 2017. As part of the UK in a Changing Europe initiative, it brought together citizens to engage in detailed, reflective and informed discussions about what the UK's post-Brexit relations with the EU should be.