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The Mechanics of a Further Referendum on Brexit (2018–19)

A series of reports and blogposts which examined whether a further Brexit referendum was feasible, how it might have been triggered, what the question could have been, how it should have been regulated, and when it could have taken place.

The Process of Brexit: What Comes Next? (2016–17)

Withdrawal from the EU raises profound questions about the relation between parliamentary and popular sovereignty. It will make relations among the UK's nations more complex and has the potential to precipitate the end of the union in its present form. It will stretch the resources of Whitehall and challenge the relationship between government and parliament.

    EU Referendum Seminar Series and Briefing Papers (2016)

    In the run up to the 2016 referendum, the Constitution Unit ran a series of seminars in partnership with the UK in a Changing Europe. The seminars brought together leading practitioners and academics from the UK and around Europe to debate the issues. The briefing papers drew on the seminars and other materials to sum up current expert opinion on each issue.