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Media coverage of the Working Group on Unification Referendums on the Island of Ireland


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Alan Whysall on Talkback Radio, BBC Ulster

BBC Radio Ulster 6 October 2023

United Ireland: why is it not on cards despite Sinn Féin success?

Lisa O'Carroll in The Guardian 8 May 2022

Support for Irish unification should be accepted as legitimate position in political discourse

Emma de Souza writes in the Irish Times | 20 July 2021

A date must be set for an Irish border poll

The Irish Echo | 13 July 2021

A starter pack for an informed debate on a united Ireland

Professor Jennifer Todd writes in the Irish Times | 3 July 2021 

Varadkar must adapt his approach to discussing a united Ireland 

Irish Examiner  | 18 June 2021

Varadkar: United Ireland could continue to have two legal systems

Irish Legal News | 16 June 2021 

NI 100: What's the state of the union in NI 100 years on?

BBC News | 13 June 2021

Rory Carrol interviewed Alan Renwick on the Guardian's Politics Weekly podcast

Politics Weekly | 9 June 2021 

Alan Renwick discusses the Working Group with Chris Page on BBC Radio 4's PM programme 

BBC Radio 4 | 7 June 2021 

Deciding Northern Ireland’s Future

UCL Uncovering Politics podcast | 3 June 2021

The Irish Times view on unification referendums: democratic dilemmas

The Irish Times | 27 May 2021

Academic project on Irish unity referendums urges need for ‘clear plan’ before vote

Scottish Legal News | 27 May 2021 

Academic project on unity referendums urges need for ‘clear plan’ before vote

Irish Legal News | 26 May 2021

Experts urge preparation and planning ahead of a border poll

The Irish News | 26 May 2021 

Calling for united Ireland referendum without having plan for what follows would be ‘highly unwise’, expert report says

The Irish Sun | 26 May 2021

Irish referendum calls grow post-Brexit with rules on unity poll ‘badly out of date’

Daily Express | 26 May 2021

Rules on referendum campaigns ‘must be updated’ ahead of any border poll

Belfast Telegraph | 26 November 2021 

Unionism needs to be smart on who it talks to in unification debate and can’t bury its head in the sand

Sarah Creighton writes in the Belfast Telegraph | 26 November 2021 

Referendum rules ‘must be updated ahead of any Border poll on Irish unity’

Irish Independent | 26 May 2021

Calling a Border poll without clear plan would be unwise, experts warn

The Irish Times | 26 May 2021

How could a vote on the unification of Ireland play out? 

The Guardian | 5 May 2021

Comment: Voters in any referendum on a united Ireland must be informed on what it would look like

Professor John Coakley writes in the Irish Business Post | 14 December 2020 

Michael Portillo discusses the interim report with Alan Renwick and Katy Hayward

Times Radio (link no longer available) | 4 December 2020

We need to talk about referendums, north and south, on Irish unification

Dr Alan Renwick writes in The Times Red Box | 30 November 2020

How to hold a referendum on Irish unity

Working Group member Dr Etain Tannam discusses on The Irish Times 'Inside Politics' podcast | 27 November 2020

How to hold a referendum on Irish unity

Working Group members Drs Etain Tannam and Paul Gillespie write in The Irish Times | 27 November 2020

‘Irish unity vote must only be held with clear roadmap for future', experts say

The National | 27 November 2020

Border poll ‘must include clear plan’, to avoid acrimony

Law Society Gazette Ireland | 27 November 2020 

The mechanics of a unification referendum need attention

Dr Alan Renwick writes in Slugger O'Toole | 27 November 2020 

Post-referendum plan should be in place before border poll is called say academics

Irish News | 27 November 2020

Extensive planning needed before any Irish unity referendum

Working Group member Professor Katy Hayward writes in the Belfast Telegraph | 26 November 2020

Ireland unification referendums should only be held with 'clear plan for what follows', report finds

Journal.ie | 26 November 2020

Academic project on unity referendums to discuss interim report at webinar

Irish Legal News | 26 November 2020 

Clear roadmap must be in place prior to any Irish unity referendum, say academics

 Belfast Telegraph | 26 November 2020

Dr Alan Renwick discussed the project on Kildare Today 

KFM Radio Kildare | 24 July 2020

Academic working group launches public consultation on unification referendums on the island of Ireland

Alan Renwick, Conor Kelly and Charlotte Kincaid write in Slugger O'Toole | 22 July 2020

Alan Renwick discussed the Group's public consultation on Good Morning Ulster

BBC Radio Ulster | 22 July 2020

Public consultation on format of any future Border poll begins

The Irish Times | 22 July 2020 

Academics launch border poll consultation

The Irish News | 22 July 2020