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As part of the Democracy in the UK after Brexit project, the project team partnered with YouGov to conduct two online surveys of the UK population. These surveys will enable policymakers and academics to develop greater understanding of how UK citizens think about democracy. The project team developed the surveys in consultation with experts on the project’s Advisory Board and beyond. 

Survey 1: Summer 2021

The first survey was fielded in July 2021. Its findings were set out in the first report of the Democracy in the UK after Brexit project, 'What Kind of Democracy Do People Want?'. The report and the questionnaire from the first population survey can be accessed by following the links below.

Read the report

First population survey questionnaire

Survey 2: Summer 2022

A second survey was fielded from August to September 2022. Some questions were replicated from the first survey, to enable the project team to assess how stable people’s attitudes are over time. Other questions were new and examined issues such as the relationship between parliament and government, the make-up of the House of Lords, and how citizens respond to the conclusions and reasoning of the Citizens’ Assembly on Democracy in the UK.

A full report covering this survey's findings will be published in late 2022. We have so far published initial findings on attitudes towards the membership of the House of Lords. These initial findings, as well as the full questionnaire, are available via the links below. 

Initial survey results regarding the House of Lords

Second population survey questionnaire

We will archive the results from both surveys publicly after the project has been completed.  

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