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Monitor 84: Sunak's Standards Slipping

20 July 2023

The latest edition of Monitor is now available!

Monitor 84: Sunak's standards slipping

The latest issue of the Constitution Unit’s Monitor is available now. Published three times a year, Monitor provides a unique round-up of constitutional developments in the UK over the preceding months.

Monitor 84 is now available in an easy-to-navigate HTML format. Click through to the stories that interest you the most and share with friends and colleagues. You can also choose to download our traditional full PDF version if you prefer.

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Among much else, this edition of Monitor reports on:

  • Rishi Sunak's record on standards in public life since entering office
  • The Privileges Committee report on Boris Johnson
  • Controversial Lords appointments
  • Local elections, voter ID & challenges facing electoral administrators
  • Updates on the government's 'strategy and policy statement' for the Electoral Commission
  • The ACOBA report on Sue Gray
  • The Illegal Migration Bill
  • Joe Biden's visit to Northern Ireland in the wake of a vote on the Windsor Framework in Westminster
  • Protests in Israel sparked by proposed reform to the judiciary

And in Unit news, a forward-thinking approach to the constitution was explored in the star-studded Constitution Unit summer conference! Further options for constitutional reform are outlined in a new Constitution Unit report, jointly published with the Institute for Government.

You can also read the Monitor lead story by Meg Russell and Alan Renwick on the Constitution Unit blog.