The Constitution Unit


The Constitution Unit is 25!

15 June 2020

This year, 2020, marks 25 years since the Unit was founded. It has been a hugely eventful period, both in terms of real-world constitutional change and controversies, and in terms of the Unit’s own work.

Constitution Unit 25 Year Logo

To mark our silver anniversary, we are celebrating how the Unit has contributed to public debates, and helped to inform policy change, over this period. What better way to celebrate 25 years than with 25 of our most notable achievements.  

Have a look on our 25 years webpage to explore 25 things we’re celebrating about the Unit and follow our 25 years campaign on Twitter.

To mark the occasion we have launched a special fundraising initiative, encouraging supporters to make donations incorporating the figures 2 and 5. 

If you value our work, and would like to contribute to its future continuation, please consider making a one-off or regular donation. Contributions are essential to supporting our public-facing work. Find out more about our fundraising campaign here.

Thank you for your continued support of the Unit.