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Meg Russell gives her take on what's next for parliament and Brexit following the general election.

18 December 2019

In a video recorded by UCL's European Institute on 16 December 2019, Constitution Unit Director, Meg Russell gave her take on the consequences for UK parliament and Brexit following the result of the general election which granted the Conservatives a majority government.

Meg Russell explores key questions following the UK 2019 general election.

Professor Meg RussellDirector, UCL Constitution Unit and Senior Fellow at the UK in a Changing Europe along with colleague, Dr Uta Staiger, Executive Director, UCL European Institute explore some burning questions following the Conservative victory in the 2019 general election in this video:

  • What are the immediate next steps for Brexit?
  • What is the EU's response to the election result?
  • How does the election change the political situation in Parliament?
  • How do the election results affect the next phase of the Brexit negotiations?
  • What structural changes should we expect in Parliament?
  • Can the Brexit process be finished by December 2020?

YouTube Widget Placeholderhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BhnDvuvnB6E

This video was created by The European Institue and The Constitution Unit at UCL, produced by Oliver Patel. 

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