The Constitution Unit


Constitution Unit analysis on consequences of Brexit

24 June 2016


The UK has voted to leave the EU. Although the polls were close, many were not expecting this result. In thinking through the consequences, a series of recent outputs from the Constitution Unit provide essential information to inform debate. 

The Unit has held a series of events on the constitutional consequences of a Brexit vote. Briefing papers, and summary videos, are available on each of the following topics:

  • Impact on Whitehall and Westminster, including whether Whitehall can cope with the negotiations, and how parliament will want to oversee them.
  • Impact on territorial politics in the UK, including possibility of a second Scottish independence referendum and risks to the Northern Ireland peace process.
  • Impact on EU institutions, including how they will handle the negotiations and the risk of 'contagion'.
  • Impact on other member states, including Euroscepticism elsewhere, members' relative strength in the EU and the specific case of Ireland.

Links to all of these can be found here.

Our blog includes posts on all of the following:

  • The immediate next steps following a Brexit vote here (and summarised in the Telegraph, here).
  • More detail on the Article 50 process here and here.
  • Implications of removing references to EU law from the devolution statutes here and here.
  • Challenges for Whitehall of negotiating trade deals here.
  • Concerns about quality of information in the referendum process here.

All of our EU-related blog posts can be found here.

Further outputs on quality of the referendum process, and the need for a review:

  • News story here following the result calling for an enquiry into referendum conduct.
  • Letter to the Telegraph newspaper signed by over 250 academics here.