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Unit in the News: Processes of Brexit

8 July 2016


Constitution Unit members have appeared frequently in the media in recent weeks to discuss the processes that will be involved if the UK is to leave the European Union following the referendum on 23 June:

  • In the days before the referendum, Alan Renwick discussed implications of Brexit on the Guardian Politics Weekly Podcast (20 June).  He also explored the role of undecided voters in the referendum on the BBC Radio 4 PM programme (21 June, starting at 50:14) and the BBC World service (21 June).
  • On the referendum day, Alan Renwick set out what would happen following a Leave victory in an article in the Telegraph: "What happens after a Leave victory?" (23 June).
  • As the votes were being counted, Alan Renwick offered instant reflections on the implications of the Leave victory on ITV's referendum night programme (23-24 June).


Alan Renwick has subsequently discussed Brexit processes on the BBC News channel (25 June), BBC World News channel (25 June), BBC Radio Wales's Good Morning Wales programme (27 June), BBC Radio 4 World Tonight (28 June, starting at 33:35), BBC Radio London's Vanessa Feltz Breakfast Show (29 June), BBC Radio 4 Westminster Hour (3 July, starting at 29:30), and a variety of local and international news outlets.

Robert Hazell

Another theme in our media appearances has been the quality of the debate during the referendum campaign and the ways in which this could be addressed:

Constitution Unit experts have also spoken about the rules for any Labour leadership election and the constitutional implications of a Labour split:

Meg - staff pic
  • Following Meg Russell's blogpost on 29 June on how a Labour split would affect the distribution of power, Alan Renwick discussed these issues during his Westminster Hour appearance listed above.
  • Javier Sajuria analysed the importance of leadership election rules for shaping the current crisis within the Labour Party in a blogpost (5 July) that was picked up by a Guardian editorial on 6 June.

Where to read more

In the weeks preceding the referendum, the Constitution Unit held a series of seminars and published a series of briefing papers on the constitutional consequences of Brexit for the UK, the EU, and other member states.  The briefing papers and videos summarising the seminars are available here, as is a video of our final EU Referendum Debate, held a week before the vote.

We continue to publish posts relating to Brexit in the Europe section of the Constitution Unit's blog.