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Unit in the News - the General Election Coverage (May 2015)

14 May 2015

poling station

In the run up to the General election and after, members of the Unit have been cited in the following articles and media apperances on a number of issues surrounding the election.

Article Name Outlet Date
Can we stop the rise of the career politician? (PCUK) The Telegraph 25/11/2014
Who are the 2015 parliamentary candidates? BBC Westminster Hour (@25-35 mins) 04/01/2015
All-women shortlists Daily Politics 28/01/2015
Labour's pink battle bus & women voters Newsnight (@28 mins) 11/02/2015
'Not out of it, but above it': how the Queen will engineer a royal retreat to keep out of a hung parliament The Guardian 06/03/2015
Women in politics Good Morning Britain 11/03/2015
Sir Gus O'Donnell Warns SNP Surge Will Call Into Question Legitimacy Of Voting System Huffington Post 13/03/2015
Greens have fewer ethnic minority candidates than any other party, including Ukip Evening Standard 13/03/2015
The 2015 election campaign BBC Today (@2:53:52) 16/03/2015
GMB Poll: Parties haven't done enough to convince floating voters Good Morning Britain 23/03/2015
What's wrong with our MPs? Channel 4 News 23/03/2015
Cameron's Decision to Rule Out 3rd Term to Affect UK General Elections Sputnik International 24/03/2015
Women in Westminster: The gender gap Beth Rigby, Financial Times 26/03/2015
The politics of equality Samina Kiyani, Islam Channel 28/03/2015
Which party has the most career politicians standing for election - and how many have had a 'real job'? (PCUK) Daily Telegraph 30/03/2015
Revealed: Which party is doing the most to get women into politics? Daily Telegraph 31/03/2015
Today's Prime Ministers are younger than ever Asa Bennett, Daily Telegraph 01/04/2015
Will small parties help reform the political class? Jennifer Hudson & Rosie Campbell, Daily Telegraph 02/04/2015
What needs to happen to move one of the parties ahead in the elections & on undecided voters Good Morning Britain 07/04/2015
Top 10 questions about hung parliaments BBC Blogs 13/04/2015
Clegg Opens 2015 U.K. Election Pitch by Defending 2010 Coalition Bloomberg 15/04/2015
We are on the brink of a constitutional scandal The Independent 15/04/2015
Party leader debates and the campaign so far BBC News Channel 16/04/2015
Reality Check: Do parties keep manifesto pledges? BBC news 17/04/2015
Coalition and minority governments are not so unusual in UK elections The Guardian 17/04/2015
The 2015 BME vote BBC2 17/04/2015
Record number of women running for election Sky news 19/04/2015
The 2015 campaign: Two weeks in The World this Weekend, BBC Radio 4, Mark Mardell 19/04/2015
Era of coalition government threatens to undermine democracy FT 21/04/2015
What happens if there's a hung parliament? Don't panic - there's a plan The Guardian 22/04/2015
Why markets shouldn't necessarily fear a minority government in the UK City A.M 23/04/2015
Parties manifesto pledges: Where are the details? BBC News Channel 23/04/2015
How Do Our Politicians Represent Us The Finnish Institute 28/04/2015
UK elections and the ethnic diaspora India Today/TV Today 30/04/2015
(In Japenese) Yomiuri Shimbun 02/05/2015
General Election 2015: House of Lords could swell to nearly 1,000 if Labour wins. The Independent 03/05/2015
Cameron 'will try to cling to power even if coalition loses majority' The Guardian 04/05/2015
Can a second-placed party in an election legitimately call the shots? The Guardian 05/05/2015
Politician Lede leads to prosperity for small parties The Danish Information Daily 05/05/2015
British election raises legitimacy question AFP 05/05/2015
News Interview RTE 05/05/2015
Coalition and minority governments are not so unusual in UK elections The Guardian 06/05/2015
Peter Riddell: 2015 election outcome likely to be more 'complicated' than 2010 Civil Service World 06/05/2015
UK polls raise legitimacy question The Daily Star 06/05/2015
Devolution and the Union 'will dominate next parliament' Holyrood 06/05/2015
Blunt math, sharp politics will decide UK election outcome Deutsche Welle 06/05/2015
The union is at risk - whether you realise it or not Joshua Rozenberg -BBC 06/05/2015
Charlie Brooker's Election Swipe @ 57mins Charlie Brooker's Election Swipe 06/05/2015
ITN news at 10 ITN 06/05/2015
Experts on election rules to prevent hung Parliament hiccups Times Higher Education 07/05/2015
After UK votes are cast, the real political work begins The gulf news 07/05/2015
Legitimacy is in eye of beholder in British elections The Australian 07/05/2015
Referendo sobre Europa promete aumentar divisões no novo parlament Journali 07/05/2015
Alternative Election Night Channel 4 07/05/2015
General Election 2015: Palace confirms Queen will not pull out of giving speech The Independent 07/05/2015
Will the Queen 'take control' if election creates a stalemate? The Guardian 07/05/2015
Why the UK election matters to the rest of the world NBC news 09/05/2015
Cameron girds up for titanic battles on Scotland and the EU The Conversation 11/05/2015
Robert Hazell : « La chancelière ne fera que reprendre les engagements formulés par l'ensemble des grands partis britanniques après le référendum de septembre Les Échos 11/05/2015
Evolution, Revolution and the Constitution Salon Debates 06/05/2015
ITN election coverage ITN 07/05/2015
CNN news @ 8am (RoBert Hazell) CNN 08/05/2015
RTE news (Robert Hazell) RTE 08/05/2015
NHK Japan Broadcasting news channel NHK Japan Broadcasting 08/05/2015
Robert Hazell on BBC World Service Newshour BBC 08/05/2015
BBC TV News at 6 and 10 - Robert Hazell BBC 08/05/2015
BBC TV Scotland News with Tim Reid - Robert Hazell
BBC 08/05/2015
BBC TV Scotland News @ 6.30pm - Robert Hazell
BBC 08/05/2015
Why the UK election matters to the rest of the world  CNN 08/05/2015
London Letter: Tory minority in Lords set to trouble Cameron
 The Irish Times 15/05/2015