The Constitution Unit



17 April 2015


Professor Robert Hazell on Another hung Parliament: what next?

In this short video Professor Robert Hazell explains how the new government will be formed if no single party gains an overall majority in the UK general election in May.

He also explodes some common myths: a hung Parliament does not always mean coalition, but could equally see a minority government; the largest single party is not necessarily the first mover, nor will it necessarily form the government; and it is not up to the Queen to decide.

And finally, he explains why forming a new government is likely to take a lot longer than five days.

Coalition or Minority Government in May? (17th Apr 2015)

Click here for a copy of the slides

Robert Hazell and Peter Riddell have been briefing the broadcasters on the process of government formation in the event of a hung Parliament. This seminar is based on that briefing, in which they explain:

  • How the negotiations will be conducted between the parties
  • The role of the Queen, and the Civil Service
  • How 2015 will differ from 2010
  • How long the talks will take
  • Who governs in the meantime
  • The different types of government which might emerge
  • The chances of a second election.

In 2010 Robert Hazell and Peter Riddell worked closely with Whitehall and with the media to help them prepare for a hung Parliament, and they are playing a similar role in 2015.

  • Robert Hazell is Professor of Government and the Director of the Constitution Unit at University College London (UCL).
  • Peter Riddell is the Director of the Institute for Government