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What kind of democracy do people want?

We discuss the newly published findings of our major survey of attitudes to democracy in the UK.

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Recent years have raised fundamental questions about the kind of democracy that people in the UK want. How do they think government and parliament should relate to each other? What role do they want for the courts? Do they want more or fewer referendums? What standards of behaviour do they expect from their politicians, and how do they expect those standards to be upheld?

These and many other related questions are explored by the Constitution Unit’s Democracy in the UK after Brexit project. This seminar marks the launch in late January 2022 of the project’s first report, which sets out the findings of a major survey of UK public opinion fielded in July 2021. In the seminar, the key findings will be presented and discussed with leading experts.


Professor Alan Renwick, Deputy Director of the Constitution Unit

Dr Paula Surridge, Senior Lecturer in Political Sociology, University of Bristol, and Deputy Director of UK in a Changing Europe

James Johnson, founder of J.L. Partners and former Senior Opinion Research and Strategy Adviser to Prime Minister Theresa May

Chair: Professor Meg Russell, Director of the Constitution Unit.

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