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Brexit and the Constitution: A Conversation with Vernon Bogdanor

11 February 2019

Brexit will be a momentous event. Discussion has so far centred on the economic consequences. But it will also have momentous consequences for the British constitution. Brexit is intended to `take back control’, to restore the power of Westminster. Will it in practice increase the power of government rather than parliament or the courts? Will it affect our rights? And how will it affect relationships between England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland? Could it, as some fear, lead to the disintegration of the United Kingdom? Could Brexit prove our constitutional moment, a new beginning in our constitutional development? Professor Vernon Bogdanor, author most recently of beyond `Beyond Brexit’, explored these questions which should be of interest to all those concerned with the fundamental problems facing our country and how it is governed. This book was published with Bloomsbury on 7 February.

Vernon Bogdanor was, until 2010, Professor of Government at Oxford University. He is now a Research Professor at King's College, London, Gresham Professor of Law, a Fellow of the British Academy and an Honorary Fellow of the Institute of Advanced Legal Studies. The discussant was Dr Claudia SternbergPrincipal Research Fellow at the UCL European Institute. The event was co-hosted with the UCL European Institute.