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The ‘Brexit Freedoms’ Bill and Retained EU Law

22 July 2022, 1:00 pm–2:15 pm

The ‘Brexit Freedoms’ Bill and Retained EU Law

We discuss what the 'Brexit Freedoms' Bill might look like and what it could mean for the relative power of parliament and ministers.

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Rachel Cronkshaw

The UK government has promised to introduce a new ‘Brexit Freedoms’ Bill in the current parliamentary session. The government’s aim is to make retained EU law – former EU legislation placed on the British statute book during the Brexit process – easier to amend. However, this may mean increasing ministers’ ability to make important policy changes via delegated legislation, with relatively little parliamentary scrutiny. What can we expect the ‘Brexit Freedoms’ Bill to look like? What could it mean for the relative power of parliament and ministers? What might this mean for laws and regulations that affect the everyday lives of UK citizens? This seminar will bring together an expert panel to discuss these important questions.


Professor Catherine Barnard, Professor of European Union Law and Employment Law, University of Cambridge

Dr Tom West, Delegated Legislation Review Manager, Hansard Society

Ruth Chambers, Senior Parliamentary Affairs Associate, Greener UK

Chair: Dr Joe Tomlinson, Senior Lecturer in Public Law, University of York


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