The Constitution Unit


The Human Rights Act 1998: Past, Present and Future 

07 March 2016, 6:00 pm–7:00 pm

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The Constitution Unit


E28 Harrie Massey LT - 25 Gordon Street London

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Speakers: Dr Jeff King & Prof Colm O'Cinneide (UCL Laws)
VenueE28 Harrie Massey LT - 25 Gordon Street London WC1H 0AY 

The UK government intends to replace the Human Rights Act with a new 'British Bill of Rights'. However, any change to existing human rights law promises to be a complex and difficult project. Reform of the HRA has the potential to impact upon devolution, as well as on the UK's relationship with its European partners. It also risks generating greater legal complexity, and may dilute rights protection. This seminar will explore the current state of play and consider the past, present and future of the HRA.
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