The Constitution Unit


The Future of Electoral Reform: The importance of the Personal Dimension 

26 July 2016, 6:00 pm–7:30 pm

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UCL Bedford Way Building - Bedford Way G03

The EU referendum result and the restructuring of the UK party system that it could precipitate are raising new questions about the potential for electoral reform in the UK.  But what might such reform actually look like?  

This seminar will consider this question in light of the evidence presented in a new book published earlier this year by the Constitution Unit's Deputy Director, Dr Alan Renwick.  The book, Faces on the Ballot: The Personalization of Electoral Systems in Europe, argues that the character of electoral reforms across Europe has changed.  Whereas previously they were focused on the distribution of power across parties (the debate between proportional and majoritarian systems), they are now increasingly focused on 'personalisation': the degree to which voters can choose among candidates rather than just parties.  The seminar will explore this thesis and its implications for electoral reform in the UK.


Dr Jennifer vanHeerde-Hudson, UCL Constitution Unit


Professor Justin Fisher, Brunel University

Professor Roger Scully, Cardiff University

Dr Alan Renwick, UCL Constitution Unit

Darren Hughes, Electoral Reform Society

Drinks reception will follow after the event at the School of Public Policy. 


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