UCL Computer Science


Computer Science Key Contacts

List of Key Contacts in our department

Head of DepartmentProf Steve Hailess.hailes@ucl.ac.uk
EA to Head of DepartmentBernadette Murrayb.murray@ucl.ac.uk
Departmental ManagerKarin Aldersonk.alderson@ucl.ac.uk
Deputy Heads of DepartmentProf Danny Alexanderd.alexander@ucl.ac.uk
 Prof Yvonne Rogersy.rogers@ucl.ac.uk
 Prof Anthony Steeda.steed@ucl.ac.uk
Research DirectorProf Simon Arridges.arridge@ucl.ac.uk
Departmental Safety Officer
UCL Safety overview
Dave Twisletond.twisleton@ucl.ac.uk
Chairs of Equality Diversity and Inclusion CommitteeProf Marc Deisenrothm.deisenroth@ucl.ac.uk
 Karin Aldersonk.alderson@ucl.ac.uk
Athena SWAN CommitteeDr Graham Roberts
(During Ifat Yasin's sabbatical)
 Colin Malleyc.malley@ucl.ac.uk
(Departmental Equal Opportunities Liaison Officers/ Equality Diversity Inclusion Leads)
Inclusion Lead overview
Dr Graham Robertsgraham.roberts@ucl.ac.uk
 Sarah Bentley 
(on maternity leave from September 2021)

Wellbeing Champions
Wellbeing Champion overview

Bernadette Murrayb.murray@ucl.ac.uk
 Colin Malleyc.malley@ucl.ac.uk
 Silpa Shahsilpa.shah@ucl.ac.uk
Teaching ResponsibilitiesNameEmail
Departmental TutorProf Lewis Griffinl.griffin@cs.ucl.ac.uk
Graduate Tutor (PhD students)Prof Anthony Hunteranthony.hunter@ucl.ac.uk
Academic Coordinator for MSc Programmes (PGT Tutor)Dr Chris Clackc.clack@cs.ucl.ac.uk 
PGT Admissions Tutor
(Postgraduate Taught Programmes, e.g. MSc's)
Prof Marianna Obristm.obrist@ucl.ac.uk
Undergraduate Admissions TutorProf Ingemar J. Cox  i.cox@ucl.ac.uk
Undergraduate Programme TutorDr Ivana Drobnjaki.drobnjak@ucl.ac.uk
Study Abroad TutorDr Shi Zhous.zhou@ucl.ac.uk
Year in Industry TutorDr Shi Zhous.zhou@ucl.ac.uk
Affiliate Student Tutor
(overseas UG students studying at UCL for a term or a full year)
Dr Shi Zhous.zhou@ucl.ac.uk
Ancillary Student Tutor
(students from other departments taking CS modules)
Dr Shi Zhous.zhou@ucl.ac.uk
CS UG Summer Research Internships
(internal internships for CS UG students. 8-10 weeks in the summer)
Prof Delmiro Fernandez-Reyesdelmiro.fernandez-reyes@ucl.ac.uk

NXI Internships
(summer/winter internships at industry placements)

NXI Internships placements groupucl.ixn@ucl.ac.uk
Student AdviserJonathan Doonejonathan.doone@ucl.ac.uk

Strategic Partnerships 

Strategic Alliances DirectorGraca Carvalhograca.carvalho@ucl.ac.uk
Strategic Partnership Manager    Marie Cyrus (on maternity leave as of 07/20)m.cyrus@ucl.ac.uk
Strategic Partnership ManagerWei Chenwei.chen@ucl.ac.uk

Professional Support

Please visit our Computer Science Professional Services Staff webpage for full list of names and responsibilities.

Area of ResponsibilityEmail
Communications, News, Events and Announcementscomputerscience.comms@ucl.ac.uk
Premises and Facilitiesfacilities@cs.ucl.ac.uk
HR and Staffing Enquiriescomputerscience.hr@ucl.ac.uk
Finance Enquiriesadmin-finance@cs.ucl.ac.uk

Professional Services Team leaders

Departmental ManagerKarin Aldersonk.alderson@ucl.ac.uk
Staffing & Facilities Team LeaderVictoria Cooperv.cooper@ucl.ac.uk
Strategic Alliances Team LeaderGraca Carvalhograca.carvalho@ucl.ac.uk
Finance Team LeaderOlivier Delacroixo.delacroix@ucl.ac.uk
Technical Support Group Team LeaderDenis Timmd.timm@ucl.ac.uk
Communications & Marketing Team LeaderVajeeha Farooqcomputerscience.comms@ucl.ac.uk
Postgrad Research Team Team LeaderYonita Cartery.carter@ucl.ac.uk
Centre Managers & Administrative Support Team LeaderLopa Murgailopa.murgai@ucl.ac.uk