Clinical Operational Research Unit


VLAD Charts

Variable Life Adjusted Display (VLAD) charts are a visual way of monitoring clinical outcomes adjusted for risk. 

We have developed a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet tool that can be used to draw VLAD charts to help with outcomes monitoring and audit. Risk adjustment can be implemented with a different risk for each data record or with a single risk of an adverse outcome applied to all the data (for instance an average mortality rate). Please contact Julie Taylor to request a copy. 

If you are looking for information related to use of VLADs for children's heart surgery in the UK, then please read our Congenital Heart Disease PRAiS page about that bespoke risk model and software.

The orginal paper discussing the VLAD method applied to cardiac surgery is:

Lovegrove J, Valencia O, Treasure T, Sherlaw-Johnson C, Gallivan S. Monitoring the results of cardiac surgery by variable life-adjusted display. Lancet. 1997;350(9085):1128-1130.

A paper discussing the use of VLAD in a global health context is:

Pagel C, Prost A, Nair N, Tripathy P, Costello A, Utley M  (2012)
Monitoring mortality trends in low-resource settings
Bull World Health Organ 2012; 90:474–476 


Software Requirements: Microsoft Office Excel 97 or higher. Macros must be enabled when using this software.