Clinical Operational Research Unit



SPROCKET (Systems and Process Redesign and Optimisation at Childhood Key Events and Transitions) is a new project aiming to transform the delivery of services for children and young people with complex health needs.

Over the next 18 months, the SPROCKET initiative will be in a funded development phase, focused on designing the main hub. This phase is crucial in establishing a hub that has children, young people and families at its heart and that can cover all the relevant services - from GP consultations and specialist healthcare to social care and education – ready to build a seamless, efficient, and less burdensome experience for children and their families in the main hub. The development process will be driven by a multidisciplinary team working together with children, young people, and families and charities. 

Working together with children, young people, families, hospitals, GPs, local councils, schools, charities

A diagram showing the questions which will inform the hub's full plans: which children and young people, how should people work together in the main hub, how are things working now, what are the main problems, how can we define what 'good services' look