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Featuring the CAU: TEDxLondon talk

22 December 2023

The CAU Director's TEDx talk discusses why public concern for climate change isn't translating into action and how stories of 'doing' can build agency for change

Kris De Meyer speaks at TEDxLondon Countdown

"Why we need to change how we talk about climate change"

In his latest TEDx talk, Dr Kris De Meyer explores why high levels of public concern for climate change has not translated into climate action.

Using the Unit's insights from psychology and social sciences, the talk discusses how taking action can drive our beliefs through a positive feedback loop of self-persuasion. It also showcases how action-based climate communication can provide positive examples that inspire action in others.

Kris's talk gives examples of how the CAU works to help unlock climate action in professional commuities that are finding the task challenging.

To watch the TEDxLondon talk by Dr Kris De Meyer, click here

Activate your climate superpowers: a TEDxLondon workshop

Poster for TEDxLondon workshop

Enjoyed the TED talk? On April 18 2024, Kris will be running a follow-on workshop "How to activate your climate superpowers and keep your climate zen." Join to learn why beliefs and concerns about climate change are not predictable drivers of action and explore what an alternative way of talking about climate change looks like. You’ll go deeper on how you can use these key insights to activate your climate superpowers.

This free workshop is one of a series of four being run by TEDxLondon to encourage people to come together and dive deep into discussions on climate ideas and solutions. 

To sign up click here