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Chris Carey

Chris Carey

Emeritus Professor of Greek

Email: c.carey@ucl.ac.uk

Research interests: Greek literature, especially early Greek poetry, oratory, drama 

IRIS research profile
I am part of the Liverpool diaspora. I began my career in Cambridge (where I was a research fellow at Jesus College) before moving to St Andrews, where I taught from 1977 to 1991, except for a visiting professorship at University of Minnesota in 1987-8; while there I also taught at Carleton College, Minnesota. I was Professor of Classics at Royal Holloway from 1991, before coming to UCL to take up the Chair of Greek in 2003. I love the smell and feel and noise of London and the constant vibrancy and energy at UCL. 

My PhD was on Pindar and was supervised by Pat Easterling, John Killen and the late Sir Denys Page. I return constantly to my first love, Greek lyric poetry, though over the years I've also published on tragedy, comedy, Homer and especially oratory and law. I am under contract to produce a Cambridge 'green and yellow' commentary on book 7 of Herodotos.

A brief CV


  • A commentary on five odes of Pindar (Arno Press, New York 1981)
  • Demosthenes: selected private speeches, in collaboration with R.A. Reid (Cambridge University Press 1985)
  • Lysias: selected speeches (Cambridge University Press 1989)
  • Apollodoros Against Neaira [Demosthenes 59](Aris and Phillips, Warminster 1992)
  • Trials from classical Athens (London and New York, Routledge 1997)
  • The speeches of Aeschines (Austin, University of Texas Press 2000)
  • Democracy in classical Athens (Bristol Classical Press 2000, revised 2001)
  • Lysiae orationes cum fragmentis (Oxford University Press 2007)
  • Reading the victory ode, edited by Peter Agocs, Richard Rawles and Chris Carey (Cambridge 2012)
  • Receiving the komos: receptions of the victory ode, edited by Peter Agocs, Richard Rawles and Chris Carey (London 2012)
  • Marathon 2,500 years: proceedings of the Marathon conference 2010, edited by C. Carey/M.J. Edwards (London 2013)
  • Elegy and iambus: new readings, edited by Laura Swift and Chris Carey (Oxford 2015)

full list of publications

Projects in progress/planned

  • Herodotos, Book 7 (Cambridge University Press)
  • Athenian Law (Bristol Phoenix)
  • Greek literary epigram, edited by Maria Kanellou, Ivana Petrovic and Chris Carey
  • Use and abuse of law in the Athenian courts, edited by Ifigeneia Giannadaki, Brenda Griffith-Williams and Chris Carey (Brill); under contract
  • Greek poetic fragments, edited by Margarita Alexandrou, Giambattista D'Alessio and Chris Carey
  • Thermopylae (OUP)