Department of Greek & Latin


Honorary Research Fellows

Professors Emeriti and Senior Research Fellows (Honorary)

Chris Carey Greek literature, especially archaic Greek poetry, oratory, drama 
Simon HornblowerGreek historiography; Herodotus and Thucydides
Árpád M. NagyClassical archaeology and art history; ancient religions and magic (especially magical gems); museology and the history of collections.
Gerard O'DalyLate Latin literature; ancient and early Christian philosophy
Simon PulleynGreek literature and culture; Greek religion and Homeric epic; historical linguistics.
Lucas SiorvanesAncient Greek philosophy

Honorary Research Fellows

Nicolò BenziGreek philosophy and literature; the reception of early Greek philosophy in Athenian tragedy; Plato's relation to the Epic and Lyric tradition.
Joyce DatilesAncient battle and heroism, its concepts and aesthetics, both in history and on screen
Bianca Facchini 
Katerina GotsiReception of Greek tragedy in the 20th-21st century, especially Greek tragedy in the digital era
Steven GreenRoman literature and culture in 1st centuries BC and AD, with particular attention to the Augustan and Neronian periods
Luke HoughtonLatin poetry and its reception in later art and literature, particularly during the late medieval and early Renaissance periods.
Dimitra KokkiniGreek Drama, Gender studies, Masculinities, Cultural History
Adam Lecznar

Classical reception in the 19th and 20th centuries, Greek literature, Friedrich Nietzsche, postcolonial literature, philosophy and drama.

Tom MackenzieAncient Greek literature and philosophy, especially the Presocratics, Archaic poetry and tragedy; Greek and Latin didactic poetry.
Edward TaylorPolitics and political culture in early modern Britain, early modern media: manuscript and print, neo-Latin. 
Monica TobonEvagrius of Pontus; philosophy and history of Christian spirituality.
Naoko Yamagata Homer, including reception of Homer in antiquity, especially in Plato and Virgil, comparison of Homeric and Mycenaean Greek (Linear B) and comparison of Homer and the Tale of the Heike, a Medieval Japanese epic.