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COVID-19 Podcasts ft GOS ICH staff

The 'Coronavirus: The Whole Story' podcast highlights UCL's interdisciplinary expertise on Covid-19, focusing on its management, mitigation, eventual halt and preparing for a post-coronavirus world.

Podcasts featuring our staff 


 The Whole Story (Episode 7)

Episode 7: How close are we to finding a cure?

In this special edition, made for the Cheltenham Science Festival at home, Professor Judith Breuer (Professor of Virology) is one of the guest speaker exploring how we tackle and track the virus. 

Episode 29: How is the pandemic affecting pregnancies and new parents?

This episode is the second in a two-part special about how Coronavirus is affecting women. Last week we heard from two researchers whose recent findings demonstrate the wide-reaching impacts of coronavirus on women, especially ethnic minority women (bit.ly/32R83GF). In this episode, we speak to three researchers, including Professor Mary Fewtrell, who have spent lockdown investigating how coronavirus has affected fertility, pregnancy and parenting. Find our more about the New Mums Study.


Episode 13: How will our children recover from lockdown?

As the coronavirus pandemic in the UK approaches its sixth month, we’re taking a look at the long-term impact of lockdown and subsequent school closures on our nation’s children and young people, with guest speaker Dr Lee Hudson.

Episode 41: What can we do to help young people recover from the pandemic?

An International Women’s Day Special. As children across the UK start heading back to the classroom, we speak to two leading academics, Professor Monica Lakhanpaul (UCL GOS ICH) and Dr Amelia Roberts (UCL IOE), whose work focuses on children and education [respectively]. With a focus on vulnerable children, our guests tell us more about the projects they're involved with to help mitigate the impact of the pandemic.

GOS ICH Podcast Series 'We are the UCL GOS Institute of Child Health'.

We are the UCL Great Ormond Street Institute of Child Health Podcast Series

Episode 6: Athina Gkazi

This episode features Athina Gkazi, esearcher in our Infection, Immunity and lInflammation Department, who has been involved with Covid-19 testing.