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PPP Departmental Groups

PPP Departmental Groups

Chalkboard Meetings 
led by Tim Cole and Mitana Purkayastha

What is it about? 
PPP Chalkboard meetings aim to provide departmental support for ECRs working on fellowship applications. During the meeting, candidates can briefly discuss their proposal (with optional few slides), followed by a friendly discussion with the group. We encourage discussions at all stages of applications – from initial “emerging” ideas to draft applications, or applications awaiting interviews, and you can present more than once.
PPP Chalkboard meetings are also part of new internal review process for fellowship applications in PPP. For details of the new process, see the attached flow chart.

How to join?
The meetings will run monthly, on 3rd Thursday of the month at 1pm. To stay up to date & find out about useful resources for fellowship applications, join PPP Chalkboard Meetings on Teams, or get in touch with us via email.

Contact m.purkayastha@ucl.ac.uk or tim.cole@ucl.ac.uk 

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Implementation Science

led by Maggie Nyirenda-Nyang’wa  

What is it about? Implementation Science is a relatively new field that concerns the scientific study of methods and strategies that facilitate the uptake of evidence-based practice and research into regular use by practitioners and policymakers. A key aim is to ensure scientifically supported interventions are provided in clinical practice, and to understand ways of getting from 'bench to bedside' as efficiently as possible.

How to join?

Email Maggie on: maggie.nyang'wa@ucl.ac.uk

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Qualitative Special Interest Group
led by Claire Powell 

What is it about? 
Qualitative research involves the use of rigorously developed methods to understand how people experience the world, with a focus on the retention of rich meaning when interpreting data. This SIG encourages the sharing of experiences and expertise to encourage collaboration, support researchers, and maintain the continued delivery of strong science from the department.

How to join?
Join us on Teams or contact c.powell@ucl.ac.uk

Statistics Group 
led by Theodora Kokosi and Bianca De Stavola

Who are we? 
We are a friendly bunch of academics with a shared passion for statistics. The aim of our special interest group is to increase the sense of statistical community, share methodological knowledge and expertise, and strengthen the institute’s research capacity in epidemiology and public health. 

How to join?
Our meetings run on the last Wednesday of the month from 1.30-3.00 pm, starting with informal Games & Challenges followed by the main event at 2 pm. Join us on Teams or contact dora.kokosi@ucl.ac.uk or b.destavola@ucl.ac.uk.

Data Science - now incorporated within GOS ICH Informatics Group, or ICING group 
ICING is a new group for researchers using administrative data to answer a wide range of research questions about child health. The focus is on data routinely collected by the NHS. They host meetings every other month to highlight work using these data from across the institute. Meetings provide a forum to discuss the potential of these data as well as methodological challenges and optimization strategies. This group is part of the Data Science Strategic Initiative at ICH. 

How to join?
Join via Teams or contact p.hardelid@ucl.ac.uk

Global Health Special Interest Group - now incorporated within the ICH Global Health Strategy Initiative 
Global health is an area for study, research, and practice that places a priority on improving health and achieving equity in health for all people worldwide. This group aims to stimulate global health activities across the Institute and encourage new collaborations. 

How to join?
Contact Michelle Heys, m.heys@ucl.ac.uk or Jonathan Wells, j.wells@ucl.ac.uk, Leah Li, leah.li@ucl.ac.uk

Mental Health

Our SIG focuses on discussing research and research ideas linked to supporting children, young people and families with mental health and wellbeing.  We had a fantastic first meeting with some great discussions and we'll now be holding both SIG meetings and Journal Clubs. 

How to join?
Contact Jeanne Wolstencroft, j.wolstencroft@ucl.ac.uk

Social Determinants of Health Special Interest Group 
led by Rachel Knowles

What is it about? 
Children who live and grow up with socioeconomic disadvantage suffer from worse mental and physical health than their more advantaged peers. Health inequalities such as these are often referred to as a “wicked problem”; complex, difficult to define and with no simple solutions. This SIG meets three times a year to bring together researchers within PPP who are engaged or interested in work to understand and tackle the multifaceted impacts of inequalities and the wider social determinants of health, at the levels of individuals and communities through to population.

How to join?
Join us on Teams or contact rachel.knowles@ucl.ac.uk 

PPP Early Career Researchers Group

Led by ECR Group Committe (Jess Packer, Evelyn Maniaki,Georgina Fernandes, Irene Lee and Nushrat Khan,with additional communication and social media support from Salomey Kellett )

This group is open to all self-identified early career researchers (ECRs) in PPP and provides an informal space for ECR staff and students to discuss research, ECR-related matters, and to socialise. The group meets up monthly (virtually or in person social events) for an hour to practice presentations, to develop ECR-related skills, to discuss current research and research methods, or just to have a chat. Sessions can also be with invited speakers from outside the group (UCL or other). We encourage members to take turns to run sessions (in pairs/groups). The group has a mailing list and an MS Teams page which are used to circulate session info, relevant events, courses, funding, studentships or job offers but also to ask questions to others in the group. To join the group or to add someone else (a new starter in your team for example), please email us at: ppp.ecrn@ucl.ac.uk.


Any other queries? Contact the Communications Group
Led by Lisa Etamoje and Evelyn Maniaki
Contact us on ppp.communications@ucl.ac.uk