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Latest News: ECHILD is highlighted as a key UK initiative for data to improve health in the early years by a new report by the Academy of Medical Sciences

21 February 2024

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In a new report by the Academy of Medical Sciences’ Council, researchers recommend that current and future governments prioritise improving health and wellbeing, as well as reducing inequalities, in early childhood. This will transform the health and prosperity of the nation.

One of the priorities identified is to collect, improve access to, and link a broader range of data to facilitate research into interventions and policies that improve child health and wellbeing, as well as their effective implementation. The ECHILD project is cited as one of the key initiatives that links data to better understand how education affects children’s health and how health affects children’s education. Read more here and the full report here.

Historical news

Read a fully history of project news articles here.


This webpage indexes and links to resources that support understanding and use of the ECHILD database:

ECHILD Studies and Reports

Data Resources

ECHILD resources

  • ECHILD code: We place code (such as R and Stata code for the ECHILD linkage evauation) as well as code lists (e.g. ICD-10 code lists of phenotypes of chronic conditions) on Github:

National Pupil Database (NPD) resources

Hospital Episode Statistics (HES) resources


Hear thoughts on the value and potential benifits of the ECHILD database and research study


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May 2023
Katie Harron describes how ECHILD is being used in research to improve services and benefit large proportions of the population.  This video is part of the HDR UK's 'Your Data in Action' series, 'How is data making a difference to you and your children’s lives?'
June 2023
Kate Lewis and Ruth Gilbert describe how ECHILD is being used to explore variation in school-recorded SEN for children with major congenital anomalies.

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November 2021
Dr Nicolas Libuy Rios and Dr Louise Mc Grath-Lone present the findings of the linkage evaluation used in ECHILD and share preliminary results from ongoing studies using the ECHILD data at Population Data BC.

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October 2021
Christine Farquharson, an IFS Senior Research Economist working on ECHILD, discusses how ECHILD's data can be used to understand educational outcomes.

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October 2021

Christine Farquharson, an IFS Senior Research Economist working on ECHILD, discusses the exemplar studies being produced for the ECHILD project.

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October 2021 

Christine Farquharson, an IFS Senior Research Economist working on the ECHILD project, discusses the richness of ECHILD's data from combining health and education data.

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August 2021

The ECHILD Project Partnership Pannel Members answer introductory questions at the April 2021 ECHILD Stakeholder Event.  

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April 2021

Dr Louise Mc Grath-Lone uses a presentation from recent engagement with children and young people advisory groups to introduce the ECHILD database.

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Jan 2021

ECHILD, a young research advisors views - A young research advisor from the Council for Disabled Children FLARE gives their view on the potential value of the ECHILD database.

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Dec 2020

ECHILD, the innovation and value for research - Dr Ruth Blackburn details the novel nature of the ECHILD database and the value it can bring to research and decision making.

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Dec 2020

ECHILD's potential value for research - Dr Ruth Blackburn introduces some of the kinds of research the ECHILD Database will support.

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Dec 2020

ECHILD database and information security - Dr Ruth Blackburn introduces the information security around the ECHILD database.