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A selection of our service publications:

  • In vivo genetic ablation by Cre-mediated expression of diphtheria toxin fragment A. Ivanova A, Signore M, Caro N, Greene ND, Copp AJ, Martinez-Barbera JP. Genesis (2005)
  • Hex homeobox gene controls the transition of the endoderm to a pseudostratified, cell emergent epithelium for liver bud development. Bort R, Signore M, Tremblay K, Martinez Barbera JP, Zaret KS. Dev. Biol. (2005)
  • Lack of the murine homeobox gene Hesx1 leads to a posterior transformation of the anterior forebrain. Cynthia L. Andoniadou, Massimo Signore, Ezat Sajedi, Carles Gaston-Massuet, Daniel Kelberman, Alan J. Burns, Nobue Itasaki, Mehul Dattani and Juan Pedro Martinez-Barbera. Development (2007)
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  • DNMT1 interacts with the developmental transcriptional repressor HESX1. Ezat Sajedi, Carles Gaston-Massuet, Cynthia L. Andoniadou, Massimo Signore, Paul J. Hurd, Mehul Dattani and Juan Pedro Martinez-Barbera. Biochimica et Biophysica Acta (BBA) Molecular Cell Research (2008)
  • Genetic interaction between the homeobox transcription factors HESX1 and SIX3 is required for normal pituitary development. Carles Gaston-Massuet, Cynthia L. Andoniadou, Massimo Signore, Ezat Sajedi, Sophie Bird, James M.A. Turner and Juan Pedro Martinez-Barbera. Dev Biol. (2008)
  • Analysis of mouse models carrying the I26T and R160C substitutions in the transcriptional repressor HESX1 as models for septo-optic dysplasia and hypopituitarism. Sajedi E, Gaston-Massuet C, Signore M, Andoniadou CL, Kelberman D, Castro S, Etchevers HC, Gerrelli D, Dattani MT, Martinez-Barbera JP. Disease Models and Mechanisms (2008)
  • Tbx22null mice have a submucous cleft palate due to reduced palatal bone formation and also display ankyloglossia and choanal atresia phenotypes. Pauws E, Hoshino A, Bentley L, Prajapati S, Keller C, Hammond P, Martinez-Barbera JP, Moore GE, Stanier P. Hum Mol Genetics (2009)
  • HESX1- and TCF3-mediated repression of Wnt/beta-catenin targets is required for normal development of the anterior forebrain. Cynthia L. Andoniadou, Massimo Signore, Rodrigo M. Young, Carles Gaston-Massuet, Stephen W. Wilson, Elaine Fuchs and Juan Pedro Martinez-Barbera. Development (2011)
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  • An Ift80 mouse model of short rib polydactyly syndromes shows defects in hedgehog signalling without loss or malformation of cilia. Suzanne Rix, Amelie Calmont, Peter J. Scambler and Philip L. Beales. Human Molecular Genetics (2011)
  • Defining the Integration Capacity of Embryonic Stem Cell-Derived Photoreceptor Precursors. Emma L. West, Anai Gonzalez-Cordero, Claire Hippert, Fumitaka Osakada, Juan Pedro Martinez-Barbera, Rachael A. Pearson, Jane C. Sowden, Masayo Takahashi, Robin R. Ali. Stem Cells (2012)
  • Sox2+ Stem/Progenitor Cells in the Adult Mouse Pituitary Support Organ Homeostasis and Have Tumor-Inducing Potential. Cynthia Lilian Andoniadou, Danielle Matsushima, Seyedeh Neda Mousavy Gharavy, Massimo Signore, Albert Ian Mackintosh, Marie Schaeffer, Carles Gaston-Massuet, Patrice Mollard, Thomas Stanley Jacques, Paul Le Tissier, Mehul Tulsidas Dattani, Larysa Halyna Pevny and Juan Pedro Martinez-Barbera. Cell Stem Cell (2013)
  • Tamoxifen induces cellular stress in the nervous system by inhibiting cholesterol synthesis. Franziska Denk, Leanne M. Ramer, Erin L. K. S. Erskine, Mohammed A. Nassar, Yury Bogdanov, Massimo Signore, John N. Wood, Stephen B. McMahon and Matt S. Ramer. Acta Neuropathologica Commu. (2015)
  • The Dnmt3L ADD Domain Controls Cytosine Methylation Establishment during Spermatogenesis. Georgios Vlachogiannis, Chad E. Niederhuth, Salih Tuna, Athanasia Stathopoulou, Keijo Viiri, Dirk G.de Rooij, Richard G. Jenner, Robert J. Schmitz, Steen K.T. Ooi. Cell Reports (2015)
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