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Training & Development

UCL offers a number of professional development opportunities for staff and students. For more information please visit the UCL webpages:

This includes information on coaching, mentoring, professional development, study assistance scheme etc.


Careers Advice Surgeries for early career researchers

  • The Careers Advice Surgery is an opportunity for early career researchers to obtain candid careers advice in an informal and confidential setting from two senior staff. The aim is to create an environment in which we can shed light on some of the more opaque aspects of scientific careers, and to utilise the wide range of experience people across the Institute have accumulated.
  • This provision of careers advice is distinct from mentoring, with a description of the role below.
  • Great Ormond Street Institute of Child Health will aim to run Careers Advice Surgeries across the year that provides careers advice from senior staff: Professors, Readers, Senior Lecturers (or equivalent), to early career researchers: Lecturers, Post-Docs and Research Assistants.
  • The Careers Advice Surgery will be a regular one hour session every month, with each one hour session divided into two half hour appointments with two senior staff (as Careers Advisors) agreeing to jointly staff both 30 minute sessions.
  • Careers Advisors are not professional advisers and advice is given only on an informal basis to support the development of the members of staff concerned. Advisors will provide support through conversations and discussions. They will not be expected to take an active role in the work of the early career staff member and may not be able to answer all questions, but will refer them to other organisations and sources of support as appropriate. Neither Careers Advisors nor University College London will be liable for any advice given.
  • At the sessions the attending junior staff member will have the oppurtunity to ask advice of the two Careers Advisors, who will proffer their answers and opinions.
  • Everything discussed at the sessions is confidential. Careers Advisors agree not to disclose any information other than where the information is already in the public domain, must be disclosed by law, or will be disclosed with the consent of the staff members concerned.
  • Participation in the Careers Advice Surgery is voluntary and participants will be free to withdraw at any time.
  • After the session participants will have an opportunity to provide feedback on the process.

DateAppointment oneAppointment two
16th Aug 2019OpenOpen
20th Sep 2019OpenOpen
18th Oct 2019OpenOpen
15th Nov 2019OpenOpen

More dates and times will be released in the next month. Currently sessions are held 1 - 2pm with August 16th being held 3pm - 4pm. If Fridays at this time do not suit please let Emily know so future arrangments can accomodate all.

If you are interested in signing up, please contact Emily Robinson, at ich.edi@ucl.ac.uk