UCL Department of Chemical Engineering


Sustainable Advanced Manufacturing

At the heart of chemical engineering are chemical transformations by which raw materials are converted to products such as fuels, commodity and specialty chemicals, pharmaceuticals, construction materials, and consumer products. Our awareness of the world’s finite resources demands that desired products are obtained in a sustainable, efficient and environmentally acceptable fashion.
True to this mission, it is paramount to minimise waste and energy use, and increasing the use of renewable raw materials. A new generation of ultra-efficient manufacturing technologies, flexible chemical plants, integrated process development and innovative design approaches can provide the solutions to this important challenge.

We are investigating innovative methodologies for sustainable manufacturing processes of bulk and fine chemicals. We are developing advanced equipment for more efficient production of pharmaceuticals and advanced materials. Our expertise spans the areas of:
 •    Advanced separations (e.g. distillation, adsorption, chromatography)
•    Crystallisation technology (e.g. of enantiopure compounds)
•    Microreaction technology (including multiphase microfluidics)
•    Process intensification (for more compact, safer and more efficient reactors)
•    Process optimisation (for better use of resources, and more economical)