UCL Department of Chemical Engineering


Product and Process Systems Engineering

Computational tools are indispensable for optimising the transformation of raw materials into products in chemical manufacturing, environmental and biological systems. Our core competencies lie in modelling and model solution tools, process operations and control, product and process design. Methodologies are being developed based on advanced modelling tools, optimisation techniques, non-linear analysis, data analysis and visualisation, aiming to innovate product and process design for safe, efficient and sustainable development.

Product and Process Systems Engineering research image
Optimisation of sustainable product and process design, including development of numerical tools for the simulation and optimisation of chemical processes

Machine learning and model-based design of experiments comprising algorithms and methods for smart experimentation and fast identification of data-driven and physics-based mathematical models

Supply chain planning and sustainable development including applications to resource management

Multiscale modelling and simulation to simulate and design systems across scales, including applications in reaction and separation processes 

Energy systems engineering by developing models and tools with applications to energy storage and distribution

Systems medicine including modelling and simulation of physiology and the development of tools and methods for computer-aided personalised medicine