UCL Department of Chemical Engineering


Funding awarded for the development of a Chemical Engineering Safety card game

15 March 2021

Photo of Elton Dias and Seng (Billy) Hue

PhD student Seng (Billy) Hue and Dr Elton Dias have been awarded £700 by UCL ChangeMakers for their project "Gamification of Learning: A Safety Assessment Card Game". 

The project can be described as an educational card game designed to teach students about the most common safety assessments used in industries on which Chemical Engineering is part of. The game will showcase historic industrial accidents, highlighting the importance of safety assessments. The idea for this project arose from Billy and Elton's shared interest in board games and the fact that although safety and safety assessments are key components of any Chemical Engineering degree, these topics are often overlooked by the students, who typically find them tedious, uninteresting and intangible. Students will learn about safety assessments while assembling a team of safety experts, who will aid in tackling different industrial accidents. The game will be play tested by students and staff are welcome to have a try once the game is finished.