UCL Department of Chemical Engineering


Louise Roberts, Year 2

Louise Roberts

I became interested in studying Chemical Engineering after I completed a two-week work experience placement in an oil and gas company when I was 15. I enjoyed the idea of being able to apply maths and physics principles to design large industrial units, which many people may benefit from. I decided to come to UCL after coming to one of the Chemical Engineering open days, which was organised by students currently in the department. I really liked the openness between the department and the students, the healthy work-life balance and the huge variety of opportunities available to us within the department; consequently, by joining UCL I felt I would be able to make the most out of my time at university.

Over the past year I have enjoyed being able to apply the theory learnt in lectures to the larger picture, for example in thermodynamics where we applied theory learnt in class to complete refrigeration cycle problems and the mini-design project in introduction to chemical engineering where we designed a distillation column amongst other things. I have also had the opportunity to study a biochemical engineering module: 'introduction to biochemical engineering' at the start of the year, which was a great opportunity as UCL has a world leading biochemical engineering department. In this module we worked in a team to produce a presentation, which has lead to an improvement in my teamwork, communication, organisation and presentation skills, which I have had many opportunities to develop throughout the year.

However, it is not all work, during the year I have been actively involved in going to Ramsay Society events (which is the Chemical Engineering society at UCL), which have included a cocktail party, a visit to industry, a pub-crawl, pub quiz and Frank Morton. Having been involved in these I have been able to get to know Chemical Engineers in all different years that have been able to pass on advice and tips, and in addition to this, having spent so much time with some of the people in my year, many of my course mates are now my closest friends.