Queen Square Centre for Neuromuscular Diseases


Research Core Activities

CNMD core translational research activities

The mission of the centre is to translate science into therapies for children and adults with muscle wasting neuromuscular diseases.

The centre, led by Professor Mike Hanna, is an interdisciplinary collaboration of 35 senior clinical and basic scientists from UCL.

Our core research includes:

MRC Centre experiential rehabilitation programmes

CNMD experiential rehabilitation programmes

Discover more information about our rehabilitation research group.

MRC Centre UK national neuromuscular database for personalised medicine

CNMD UK national neuromuscular database for personalised medicine

Find out more about how the we promote research, audit and standardised clinical assessment of patients with neuromuscular disorders in the UK.

MRC Centre Biobank

CNMD Biobank

Discover how our biobank has helped with advances in understanding neuromuscular diseases.

MRC Centre Imaging (MRI)

CNMD Imaging (MRI)

Our innovative work looks at how images of inside the body can help revolutionise the diagnosis and monitoring of neuromuscular disease.

MRC Centre PhD training

CNMD PhD training

Develop your career with us.

MRC Centre animal models

CNMD animal models

Discover how our animal models help with disease pathology and treatment advancements.