UCL Centre for Engineering Education


Schools engagement

At UCL Engineering, we aim to create an ethos where engineering is seen as intrinsically worthwhile and relevant to pupils from all walks of life and, above all, is truly inclusive

We believe in widening diversity in engineering and our engagement with young people, in every sense. Gender equality and diversity is one of the faculty’s strategic priorities. Our activities and programmes promote a love of learning, encouraging young people to engage with the design and make process, problem solve and give voice to both their creativity and critical thinking, working on authentic projects that are relevant to them and to the world around them.

Our 700+ active staff and students have developed and delivered 134 engagement and outreach programmes, activities and events, inviting over 8000 students, 5-19 year olds, across over 600 primary and secondary schools in London and the UK, to discover the creative, humanitarian and problem-solving nature of engineering and its significance to society.

Through our programmes we try to change the stereotyped perceptions of suitable choices and careers in young people – both girls and boys – their teachers, parents, carers and youth workers, by raising awareness of the exciting and wide-ranging careers in engineering. Our activities are always free and open to all and we insist on 50% participation of girls throughout all our programmes.

Our brochure Engineering Engagement: Young People & Schools provides a summary of our recent engagement activity with young audiences. For more information visit the UCL Engineering Schools Engagement Pages.