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Upcoming CEE Events


  • Autumn Mixer - 
  • Huxley Memorial Lecture - TBC
  • Darwin's Birthday Debate - February 2nd 2022 (NHM)
  • Summer Symposium - 
  • WALLMER - Saturday June 11th 2022 (ZSL). Register for tickets

Details of upcoming CEE events is circulated regularly; if you would like to subscribe please visit the FreeList page. If you would like to include a seminar, event or a seminar series to the CEE, please e-mail details of the event, at least two weeks before the seminar date, to cee@ucl.ac.uk. Once accepted your event will be publicised, via our e-mail mailing list, Facebook and on Twitter.  

Full details of each event, including; title, information about the speaker, abstract can be found by clicking on the event and further details.