UCL Centre for Digital Innovation


UCL CDI and UCLPartners join forces to drive healthcare innovation

21 December 2023

The UCL CDI is excited to announce our formalised collaboration with UCLPartners, aimed at fostering innovation, sharing knowledge, and facilitating engagement within the healthcare and entrepreneurial ecosystems of UCL.

Gurth NHS

Here's a glimpse into the exciting details of this strategic partnership:

1. Innovation Acceleration:

By merging UCL CDI's digital innovation expertise with UCLPartners' healthcare insights, we will empower clinical entrepreneurs and academics, guiding them on their entrepreneurial journey to tackle real-world healthcare challenges through our Impact Accelerator programme.

2️. Knowledge Sharing:

At the core of this collaboration is the mutual exchange of insights, specifically tailored for ventures seeking to navigate NHS opportunities. Together, we will pinpoint new prospects and facilitate access to pilots, enabling early testing of innovative solutions in the digital health sphere.

3️. Digital Health Innovation Ecosystem Collaboration:

Our commitment extends to fostering the growth of the UCL and UCLPartners Digital Health Innovation Ecosystem. This collaboration opens doors to networking events, training programmes, and workshops, enriching each other's programmes and fostering a vibrant environment for healthcare innovation.

4. Mentor Network Enhancement:

Recognising the integral role of mentorship in nurturing talent and driving digital innovation, our collaboration prioritises the expansion of our joint mentor network. This collective effort is geared towards creating a supportive environment for emerging entrepreneurs within the healthcare sector.

This joint initiative is already gaining momentum, and our recent activities have set a promising tone for the future. In November, we launched our inaugural event, the NHS Insights Briefing. During this session, UCL CDI's innovation ecosystem, consisting of healthcare entrepreneurs and startups, had the valuable opportunity to glean insights from Gurth Fernando of UCLPartners on unlocking NHS opportunities. 

As we embark on this collaborative journey, stay tuned to our news and events pages. Here, we'll provide detailed information about our workshops and events, along with insights into our united efforts in shaping the future of healthcare.