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Launching October 2023, we seek to uncover user-driven challenges in healthcare, education, and data-enabled societies, fostering innovation and knowledge exchange through UCL's innovation network and industry partnerships.

The CDI Challenges aim to identify and better understand real-world, user-driven challenges across healthcare, education and data enabled societies through a series of interdisciplinary collaboration opportunities. By advancing partnerships across the UCL network and with key industry stakeholders, the CDI Challenges will create a series of knowledge exchange formats to co-create and accelerate research translation into future innovation.

Welcome to CDI Challenges 2023

The CDI Challenges initiative is dedicated to uncovering and comprehending real-world challenges driven by users in the domains of healthcare, education, and data-enabled societies. Through a series of interdisciplinary collaborations, we aim to shed light on these issues.

Driving Innovation Through Collaboration

Our strategy involves forging strong partnerships within the UCL network and with industry leaders. We're creating various knowledge exchange platforms to foster co-creation and accelerate the transformation of research into innovative solutions.

Embracing the Quadruple Helix Model

At the heart of CDI Challenges is the Quadruple Helix Model of Innovation, which encourages participation from academia, industry, entrepreneurs, and end-users. Together, we'll iteratively co-create problem statements to fuel innovation.

Kicking Off with Data-Enabled Healthcare

Our journey begins in September 2023 with a focus on Data Enabled Healthcare. We invite participants from UCL, CDI partners, healthcare entrepreneurs, and clinicians to submit problem statements requiring interdisciplinary solutions.

Design Thinking Workshop - October 26

Mark your calendar! On October 26, CDI, alongside UCL partners, will host a half-day design thinking workshop. This event will bring together academia, industry, entrepreneurs, and end-users to discuss challenges and initiate the process of ideating innovative solutions.

Education and Data Enabled Societies Challenges in 2024

In 2024, we'll continue our mission with two additional challenges centered on Education and Data Enabled Societies. These challenges will adopt the co-creation and co-ideation format, fostering collaboration and innovation for lasting impact.

Join Us in Shaping the Future

Be part of the change! Join us in CDI Challenges 2023 and help shape the future of healthcare, education, and data-enabled societies. Together, we innovate for a better world. To learn more and collaborate, reach out to us at cdi-info@ucl.ac.uk.