UCL Centre for Digital Innovation


Impact Accelerator

We accelerate the development of evidence-based, commercially sustainable digital innovations with a significant societal impact to healthcare and education outcomes. Explore our programme, find out how to apply and browse our alumni case studies below.

Welcome to the UCL CDI Impact Accelerator, a programme designed to help founders accelerate their evidence-based, commercially viable digital solutions in healthcare and education with a significant real-world impact. We run two 3-month programmes annually—one from February to April and another from September to December. Here's an overview of what transpires during these transformative 3 months.

Progress Defined: For most ventures, progress entails optimizing your product, expanding your user base, and broadening your fundraising prospects. Our goal is to equip you and your team with responsible digital innovation best practices to establish a strong foundation for a successful, scalable, and impactful business.

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