UCL Centre for Digital Innovation



We are proud to have supported a wide range of HealthTech and EdTech ventures that are reshaping the landscape with evidence-based, sustainable and socially impactful solutions.

From revolutionising mental health support to pioneering data-driven healthcare, and from digital patient care to cutting-edge VR-based D&I training, these visionary entrepreneurs are driving positive change. To find out more about the mission and journey of each venture and their founders, visit the UCL CDI startbook page.

Cohort 1

Affiniti AI 

Generative Conversational AI for Mental Health – Transforming the way people experience mental health support.
*also in Cohort 3

Ethera Health

A digital platform supporting health and recovery – the HALO-X platform is built to support patient care in the comfort of their own home.


EmpathyVR by Helsa helps – Reducing stigma and discrimination by increasing empathy.

Cohort 2


One test. Infinite insights. Integrating our Genome into clinical decision support for prevention, diagnostics and treatment for a patient’s lifetime.
*also in Cohort 3


Public services, reimagined. We support organisations in delivering public services to improve lives through innovative software solutions.


Introducing the AI-enabled era of clinical assessment for serious mental illness (also in Cohort 3).


Revolutionising medtech through data-driven healthcare, with a key focus on unravelling the heterogeneity of age-related chronic conditions (also in Cohort 3).

Neurospeech AI 

Clinically approved iTalkBetter app by Neurospeech AI enables patients to recover lost language function following stroke and brain injury (also in Cohort 3).

Cohort 3

All cohort 3 members were alumni of cohorts 1 and 2

Cohort 4


Leveraging machine learning to create searchable mind maps and accelerate comprehension for learners disadvantaged by large volumes of text.

I Speak

Revolutionising EFL education by utilising advanced speech detection and artificial intelligence to help teachers provide personalised feedback on students' voice recordings.

CLEO Systems

Transforming urgent, emergency and outpatient services with digital solutions. Their software helps provide life-saving frontline healthcare services to patients that need it most.


Tycho MedLink 

Tycho MedLink uses Augmented Reality (AR) in their easy-to-use app to deliver clinically proven, personalised digital therapy for cognitive rehabilitation.